The Darkest Part of the Forest ~ Holly Black


I liked this story for the most part. It was fun and enjoyable and fairly unique, with the fairies coexisting with modern society in a conceivable way. The characters were all likeable. The narrative voice was humorous. Unfortunately, the prose itself was...idk, boring? For being a book about fairies, it really wasn't very lyrical.

I also found the themes to be a bit too unclear and unrelated. Why was Hazel the hero this story needed? Why did her brother have musical powers and how was that supposed to fit into the plot? After the 70% mark, when the book was supposed to be at it's peak, I found myself drifting from it. I got bored. I didn't really care anymore because I didn't have anything to care about. Sorrow's themes were sort of connected to Hazel's, and her themes weren't at all connected with the Alderking's. Overall, this is a book that tells a fun story, but not a particularly deep or profound one. Enjoyable, but lacking substance. Something I might want to own but might never actually read again.

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